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It had been 11 yrs since I had gotten a tat. I went in about Jan to get a Charger bolt done on my calf, met Shaun Kyle, he did mine and my GF's. It was her first one...great guy, made her feel comfortable and at ease...did a great job on both of ours. We have been back 3 times now for more ink. The latest pieces were custom pieces that he created from our concepts. Hers was 4 hearts intertwined and each had color for each of her kids birthstones. Mine was a tribal Sagittarius that I brought him the concept design and he made it my own...

He's a great artist, and we are already in the designing stage of our next pieces from Shaun.

All the guys there a friendly and the shop is located near some shops to eat if you have to wait for a design to be drawn up.  I have and will continue to recommend Shaun and Propaganda tattoo to all my friends.

Michael W.
Chula Vista, CA

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Went and got my first tattoo. I had found this place by Yelp. After looking at numerous shop websites, I felt that the El Cajon Propaganda shop would be the best bet and first stop.  All the artists had a style that I liked that would fit my design. The Yelp reviews were very good. I went in on a Monday close to noon when they open. Nobody was there and the only artist present was Thad. Thad was great. He had a laid back attitude. I was quite concerned about the artist attitude because I had a simple design in mind. One thing that Yelp research kept bringing up was that some artists think that they should tattoo what THEIR design not YOUR design. Even though my design was just script I still had a vision of what I wanted and he was more than happy to redraw his sketches to my satisfaction. The shop itself was very clean. I kept an eye on Thad and watched him take quite some time in just setting up everything. He explained how things would go and what I could expect to feel. He would stop at certain points and have me look at it to make sure that I approved. Afterwards he gave very clear aftercare directions. Now I have a great looking tat! I would recommend Thad and Propaganda East to anybody especially if you are doing your first tattoo.

Jeff R.
Chula Vista, CA

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